Strengths and Weaknesses of SEO

One of the most popular Internet Marketing technique used in the market today is Search Engine Optimization, or simply known as SEO. It is also considered as one of the cheapest, yet one of the most powerful Internet Marketing technique used in the industry.

Strengths of SEO
According to many experts, SEO is considered as one of the most successful and powerful Internet Marketing technique. Part of the reason why is because of its effectiveness in increasing a website’s traffic through search engines, particularly among major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Because search engines are highly visited and used tool for surfing the Internet, many online marketers used this as their main market to increase their business’ success in the World Wide Web. This is when SEM or Search Engine Marketing was first developed.

Before SEO, there where other popular SEM techniques used in the market, usually involving paid placements such as the popular PPC (Pay-Per-Click), contextual advertising, and even a paid inclusion which involves paying a search engine company to include their website in a specific keyword.

Eventually, SEO was introduced in the market. Although similar in their target, SEO and SEM are different Internet Marketing techniques. The first difference is that SEM uses paid inclusion while SEO makes use of several techniques which aims to improve or -optimize- a website to achieve higher ranking in search results via the process of selecting specific keyword expressions associated to the website. And compared to SEM, SEO is usually free of charge (although hiring an SEO company is usually very expensive).

Its less expensive costs is one of its many strengths, another popular strength of SEO compared to other Internet Marketing technique is that it can also increase a website’s authority in its own market through its many techniques.

One popular technique of SEO is link bait. A link bait, according to many seo Philippines experts, is any content or feature, within a website, designed specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website. This technique is not only very effective in SEO, but also effective in increasing a website’s popularity other than SEO.

Weaknesses of SEO
There are, however, a number of weaknesses that many seo Philippines experts have experienced in using SEO. Although very powerful, SEO can only go as far as to increase the volume of traffic coming from search engines and other popular sources. Sales and conversion usually depends on how well the website is built. Without a convincing web design, SEO won’t be as effective as it should be in Internet Marketing.

Improved Marketing By Using Social Sites

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube changes, with the help of a Tutorial, how small and medium sized companies can gain followings in tens of thousands and get sales to go up and up.

The company realized that even with a skilled team of Internet Marketing consultants, the new marketing media emerging from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other sites, made it necessary, that also they themselves learned it all, again.

The company therefore decided to locate the planet’s ten finest specialists in Social Media Marketing.

After hearing many mind-blowing success stories, they decided on establishing a close cooperation with someone who really knew about social media marketing and had a large following.

The person selected was Mr. Reinhard Muller. Born in Scandinavia, with a prestigious career in advertising, Reinhard moved some year ago to the South of France, specialising in Internet Marketing. Then Social Media Marketing started to take off – and Reinhard saw the ‘possibilities’ and became passionate about this new media, making himself and his team into one of the world’s top specialist operating on Twitter, MyFace and Youtube.

Reinhard Muller created a program which brings any person, unsure about Social Media, to understand this new marketing media and be able to use Social Media commercially, promoting their own business. It can be operated in limited geographical areas.

Social Media Marketing is used by start-up and established companies, manufacturing units, artists, local suppliers, restaurants, authors, dentists, printers, publishers, hotels, caterers, delicatessens, supermarkets, sports-clubs, health clubs, estate agents, photographers, retail shops, hairdressers etc.

Companies uses Social Media Marketing primary – a recent poll made clear – to interact in a new way with customers – one to one – to drive the most motivated traffic to their website and stop damaging complaints or disputes with their customers, which nowadays due to the power of Social sites can spread like a wild-fire.

There is no marketing cost when using Social Media Marketing, which is why it has become so popular, but an investment in 2 x 15 minutes daily is vital.

These are many large companies using Social Media Marketing on a daily basis: Amazon, Dell, Motorola, Starbucks, Urban Outfitters, ComCast, Vodafone, Quantas, Virgin, Ford, Samsung, Kodak and so it goes on.

One can learn to administer the time working on Social Media by promoting the right person inside the company. How to improve the company’s reputation and increase brand awareness, building a huge and growing following in thousands and ten thousands on Twitter, Facebook,Youtube and other Social sites.

Here are four examples from well-known organizations.

The wizardly world of Harry Potter. Cindy Gordon, vice president of new media partnership at Universal Orlando Resort together with her counterpart at Warner Bros, realizing that millions of people are passionate about all things Harry Potter, pinpointed seven people at the top of various Harry Potter fan sites and invited them to participate in a top-secret Webcast. And those seven people told tens of thousands. It is estimated that by the power of word-of-mouse, 350 million people round the world heard the news. No expensive marketing.

Dell computers. The goal was to bring back the connection with the consumer in an innovative way and sell more products. The budget was zero. Social Media Marketing was introduced. Contacts with clients were started. Questions were answered right away. It all was suddenly very live and active on a 24-hour basis. Mark Jarvis, Dell Computers CMO, estimate the initiative created half million turnover and loads of good will for the well-known brand.

Zappos shoes. Founded in 1999, selling nothing the first year. Now projecting a billion dollars in turnover for 2009. The company’s impressive reputation for service has been build up by word of mouth and recommendation via Social Marketing. Without Social Media Marketing this would not have been possible. Zappos even train their employees on the effective use of Social Media. Four hundred employees now use Twitter. The company CEP uses Twitter for everyday business. To sell shoes the staff talk with customers and invite them and their friends to ‘happy hours’ organised by the company.

Club Med. The Club decided to send a good blogger on an all expenses paid holiday to Chamonix, to describe the experience exactly as it was on Twitter and place photos via TwitterR. Her messages were taken up by many blogs and then spread between like-minded people. The cost of sending someone on holiday became out of proportion to the enormous buzz created round the Club Med at Chamonix followed by long term bookings.

Barack Obama Presidential Campaign Manager David Meerman Scott used Social Media Marketing and sound principles when running the Presidential Internet Campaign.

The financial crises and now a few Green Shoots appearing, has made Social Media Marketing the marketing tool of the time, which more and more companies turn to. The no cost, being fast – and the enormous audience has made it to, what thousands of start-ups, small and medium sized companies are concidering just now.

Golf Course Marketing Has Changed

Golf course marketing has changed! Private club marketing has changed! Times have changed and now its time that you as the owner, general manager or board member realize that the old way of golf advertising or golf marketing is no longer valid to generate additional golfers and members. It is time to look at what is really working in our technology age and be able to track our results. Any good golf marketing expert will tell you that what gets measured accurately, improves. The problem is that most golf courses or clubs dont know have a Golf Course Marketing. Plan and for sure dont know how to track their ROI. Thats about to change.

Understanding that most daily fee courses or private country clubs are working from a limited budget or in some cases no budget at all, it is imperative to make sure that every dollar is accounted for and you can verify Return on Investment. That way, you can determine what is working and what is not and spend more time on what is working and less on what is not. You will also be able to go to all decision makers and show proven results and feel confident that your golf club marketing is heading in the right direction.

What I am talking about is Internet Marketing for courses and clubs. This is the missing link for most golf marketing programs. What specifically am I talking about? #1) Having a marketing plan. Most clubs dont have one and wing their efforts day to day. Create one that is simple, cost – effective, consistent and measurable. #2) TRAFFIC!! Everything starts with traffic. Generating more online traffic to your website using strategies like SEO, PPC, Blogging, Facebook or educational article and video marketing. #3) Capturing lead information while they are on your site but also taking advantage of the traffic already at your course using offline email capture strategies with your staff . #4) Getting reviews and testimonials from your happy golfers and members and posting them online for the world to see. #5) Asking for referrals from your happy golfers and members.

Understanding what your perfect golfer or member life-cycle looks like will dramatically help change and put you on the road to success, but choosing the right tactics and strategies to get the best measurable ROI is absolutely critical!

Increase Club Profits is a unique Golf Marketing and Cost Reduction company that helps drive sales and membership while reducing clubs operating expenses without sacrificing quality or service. Our typical client will receive $50,000 of bottom line measurable savings in the first 12 months and page one rankings on most search engines.

Avoiding Website Flaws in Internet Marketing

Avoiding Website Flaws in Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has been going overboard throughout the years. Most business owners create a website to generate leads, manage their contents and establish brand awareness. Website promotion can bring a lot of advantages but that does not mean that it is susceptible from common website flaws. Doppler Internet, as a web development and web solutions expert makes it a point that the websites they provide for their clients are safe from vulnerabilities. This is the main reason why most businesses choose Carl Doppler for their marketing and promotion schemes.

Website security should always be part of the goals of online marketers and internet specialists. If the website is not safe, then the safety of your clients or customers might be at risk. Spammers and hackers are tremendously growing in number as the number of internet users increases. Hackers are threat to your business and to your contents. They continue to develop software and systems to be able to access your web pages and websites in order for them to get all of your contents and information. This article will give you more information regarding the most common website flaws for you to avoid and monitor.

Input validation

Web applications use input from HTTP requests to be able to respond to queries. However, these inputs can be used by hackers to attack your website by means of tampering any part of the request, including the URLs, headers, hidden fields and form fields to be able to break site security systems. Common input tampering attacks include: force browsing, command insertion, cookie poisoning, hidden field manipulation, buffer overflows.

Sites try to shield themselves by means of filtering malicious inputs, but encoding and typing information come in various ways. Before validating, codes should be converted into their simplest form so that malicious inputs can be identified. Simplification of these encodings is called -canonicalization-. This technique can be used to conceal any form of attacks since HTTP inputs can be represented in several formats.

The impact of using unauthenticated inputs should not be underestimated as it can be detrimental to one’s website. Attacks will not get in if web developers take the time in validating inputs before they use it. Vulnerabilities that are based on malicious inputs will exist if a web application does not have a strong and systematic mechanism for HTTP requests validation.

Access Control

Access control or known as authorization is the process of granting access to contents and functions to some users. Most often, developers fail to consider how access controls can be detrimental to a site. They fail to develop a good and dependable access control mechanism. This makes attacking of your site easy since broken access controls can make hackers able to change or delete content, perform unauthorized functions, or even take over site administration. Ineffective access control schemes are very easy to be discovered and exploit.

Administrative interfaces are one of the most common issues in access control. This interface allows administrators to easily manage their site in the internet. Site administrators manage their content, users, and data on their sites. Due to the capabilities that these sites bring, they are one of the most common targets of attackers. In this case, hackers could gain access to sensitive files and perform mischief.

To be able to avoid this attack, a web application security and access requirements should be established for authentication purposes. The use of access control matrix to define access control rules is highly recommended. Documenting the security policy is off great help in protecting the site from attackers. The policy’s main function is to identify what types of users can have an access, and what type of content is accessible to them. The access control mechanism should be tested prior to implementation to be assured that it cannot be broken or bypassed.

Buffer Overflow

Buffer overflow occurs when a data is placed in a storage device that lacks space. When the data is too much, it can corrupt data values in memory addresses that are adjacent to the buffer due to insufficient bounds checking. If a data is copied from one buffer to another without checking the buffer’s storage capacity, buffer overflows happens.

Buffer overflows can be detrimental to one’s website especially when data and content are forced to be placed on a space that has less storage and cannot accept and store the uploaded information anymore. Theses inputs goes to a temporary storage called a buffer, whose capacity is defined in the operating system.

Programs check and monitors data length and will not let you to place an overlong data but most programs supposes that data will fit into the space designated to it at all times. When a too-long data is stored in the buffer, the excessive data is written to another buffer adjacent to it but all contents in that buffer will be overwritten and destroyed.

Shielding a website from attacker is an essential factor to consider especially in internet marketing and website promotion. If your site is not protected and you did not establish a security policy, then it will be easier for hackers to gain access to your website and perform harm that could be a way of tarnishing your business.