Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook And Twitter

Social media is a place where you can share and network with friends and now-a-days even businesses. It enables you to approach your potential customers, converse with various businesses from across the globe and get to learn a lot many new things. There are various social media platforms that offer these services like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. But the most popular of all are Facebook and twitter. Facebook and twitter are mediums that have evolved a lot in time, with so many new businesses joining them and making profile in them. But still there are many people who are unaware about the advantages and disadvantages involved in using Facebook and twitter. Advantages: Facebook: 1.Facebook is very easy to join. The whole process of joining and then building a profile can be performed by any person new to the medium.

2.It enables you to easily find communities of groups that are related to your niche of business.

3.As a business you can search for your potential customers without much trouble.

4.Conversing can help you to augment your business to a very large extent.

5.You can create backlinks of your website for the customers to visit and increase your PageRank.


1.Creating an account is extremely trouble-free. Anyone can join twitter and the best part about it is that you don’t have to put in a lot of details about you; just the general information is more than enough.

2.The characters are limited to 140 words, which is a good thing as there will be no need to write or read a whole essay.

3.It contains many third-party services like HootSuite, with the help of which you can update your tweets automatically without signing in.

4.It also has many applications that can be used to augment the business.



1.Facebook addition is the main problem that is been faced by youngsters from around the world. This gives them no time to indulge in other activities.

2.Because of so many people joining Facebook the chances of fraud has increased tremendously. The odds of getting hacked have amplified which can be highly aggravating.

3.For businesses, it has become difficult to find who your genuine customers are and who are not.


1.There is no privacy, anyone can follow you even if you don’t know them and see all your updates.

2.With only 140 characters being allowed you cannot give the detailed information about your company, products or services.

3.Tweets are all over the place. It can be difficult to pick over the Twitter updates popping up around the web. With this material you can build your own result as to which social media medium, Facebook or twitter is most likely to give benefit to you and your business.

steps for an effective sms marketing campaign

SMS marketing is a great way to promote your business but it is not always successful. We share some easy steps with you to ensure that your sms marketing campaign gives the desired results. Not many of us know that there is an organization named Institute of Practitioners in Advertising which gives some guidelines for sms marketing or mobile advertising to marketers. The guidelines are simple and if followed, can give fantastic results to your campaign. Some of the guidelines are captured here along with other important Mobile Marketing tips.

While setting up your campaign, take care to offer ‘unsubscribe’ feature to the target group just incase they are not interested in reading any more sms from your company. This gives the impression that you are not a spammer determined to flood people with boorish messages. The second most important step is to send sms only to ‘Opted-in’ target group. It is important to run a prior exercise to collect numbers of those who are interested in your product. It can be through your website, a seminar or maybe an e-mail campaign. If you send messages randomly, the chance of success is much less here. The good news is that in the US, SMS adoption is on the increase and it is projected that mobile marketing initiatives will be second only to social media advertisement campaigns in the coming years. It is not surprising to see the phenomenal growth that mobile marketing products are creating across the country. Marketers are expected to spend around US$561 million for mobile marketing campaigns.

Campaigns can go wrong if proper data guidelines and security procedures are not in place. Ensure that the marketing message that you send cannot be altered and misused. The response that you receive should contain customer information and privacy needs to be maintained. Consult with an attorney expert in marketing and advertising practice who can guide you with the rules before the campaign starts.

A marketer or a business promoter should know the boundaries and
limitations of mobile technology adoption. In the US, the adoption of latest mobile technology is high, so marketers can target an sms marketing campaign that is rich in content and pictures. This is just an example and analysis needs to be done with respect to your target group. Mobile marketing is a unique medium in the sense that mobile users can access the message instantly and reply in an instant. Therefore the content you send out should be easily consumable by the users. Another important tip to keep in mind is the budget. Small and medium sized companies have limited budgets for advertisement and marketing and it needs to be spread across mobile marketing, digital advertisement and finally the local radio station. The prospect data that you collect should be indexed in the right way in a CRM system. Only then you can get the real benefits of a mobile marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Grow Your Business

Taking your business digital is the need of the hour today and developing a digital marketing strategy is even more essential. Digital marketing seems like the best way to stay ahead in the race, especially because your potential customers and your competition is already online. Here are some basic digital marketing strategies to follow which will be instrumental in helping your business to grow.
Set a Goal
Whether you are looking to acquire more customers, to increase your visibility online or to stay ahead of your competition, either way, it helps to define your goals. Having a preset goal in your mind increases your chances of success and chalks out a path for you to follow. If you jump onto the digital marketing blindly, without setting goals for your business to achieve, you will be left confused. Having a goal gives you something to focus on.
Create a Marketing Funnel
A marketing funnel refers to the process of mapping out the journey of a customer from when they start off as a complete stranger to when they convert to a lead, and then assign strategies into place that will lead them effectively through this funnel of conversion. Some of the most successful businesses have marketing funnels in place to boost their digital marketing efforts. The different components of a marketing funnel are calls to action, lead magnets, offers and opt-ins.
Create an Effective Call-To-Action
A call-to-action is a an text or an image that encourages a user to perform a particle action, like view a webinar, subscribe to a newsletter, sign up to receive a product demo etc. effective CTAs lead users to landing pages where they can feed in their contact information in exchange for a marketing offer that they find valuable. When a CTA is effective, it will result in more conversions and leads for your website. The process of lead generation is illustrated to this journey from the click of a CTA to a landing page. Your digital marketing strategy and digital properties should be rife with appropriate and effective CTAs in order to increase visitor-to-lead conversion opportunities. These CTAs need to be evenly distributed and optimized. They should grab a users attention and lead them into your marketing funnel.
Create an Effective Lead Magnet
Your lead magnet can be used in tandem with your CTA or as a stand-alone product. It could be used within your marketing funnel or as a way to drive customers into your marketing funnel. While driving your potential customer into your marketing funnel, you can use your offers as a means of gathering more information about them. When you supply your potential customer with something of value, it makes them more likely to convert into a lead who will spend time and money interacting with your business. The main aim of a lead magnet is the trade of information. It could be in the form of a free download or a discount on a product in exchange for information about them.

iPad 2 Deals An excellent game plan of marketing

Charisma of glamour conquers those things which are uncaptured. The magnetism of glamour strikes with a bang. Electronic devices of different leading production groups manipulate the circumstances of market due to its superb external outfits. It is too hard for one to get away or find any respite to the charm or captivation of these electronic gadgets. Naturally, iPad 2 Deals are also getting the similar response to the consumers of every age group or class. It belongs to one of the reputed production companies which are on the priority lists of common users.

This is electronic device is a finest example of compatibility. It is utilized for the multipurpose such as chatting, downloading, sharing information, listening the music or clicking the picture. Its multiple components such as wi fi, internet browser, bluetooth connectivity, usb port, camera with an access of video, gaming consoles, music player among others provide the users an opportunity to get fun, pleasure and excitement along with the basic feature of communication. Its vast technology is completely supported by its advanced mechanism.

Under the packaging of pay monthly deal, the demand of this electronic handset has increased a lot. It shows the appeal of this deal pack which is organized with several profitable features such as free talk time, free e-mails, free mms and sms, free or half rental schemes along with instant cash back offers. iPad 2 Contract deal is developed with some fabulous gift products which certainly turn on the common users towards it. They are convincingly attracted by the various gift products such as home theatre system, i-pod, tv, lcd, laptop, camcorder, mp3 player among others.

This is the dynamic electronic gadget among all the products of Apple iPhones. Consumers can avail the services of any network provider as it has the flexibility towards every sim card. Under the deal of contract, common users are offered various options for selecting the carrier. Eminent service providers such as vodafone, virgin, orange, o2, t-mobile, 3mobile among others make this package more vital and promising for the consumers. Users are supposed to avail the services of any carrier among these for a fixed duration. They are stipulated with an obligation which quotes that consumers cannot change their current tariff format till the end of its duration.

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