Successful Html Email Marketing Campaigns And Lotus Notes Issues

As the online world changed in the nineties from informational to commercial and highly competitive, marketers embraced the new technology and the need has arisen to send graphically appealing newsletters and marketing messages. You have only seconds to capture attention, and the right picture will grab quicker than the right copy, as they say, “a picture can be worth a thousand words”. Just ask your clients if they would use plain white paper, rather than letterhead, to send an offline message to prospects and customers.

Today, the vast majority of all email clients can render (that is, display) HTML emails fairly well. Notable exceptions are older versions of Lotus Notes and pre AOL pre version 6.0. So whereas a few years ago the answer to the question was rather complex, today it really comes down to message purpose, subscriber preference and multipart messaging. Studies show that roughly 95 percent of commercial messages sent today are sent as Multi-Part MIME.

Multi-part MIME is an older protocol that allows you to send both text and HTML versions of an e-mail in a single package, kind of like a sandwich. The recipient’s e-mail program then displays the HTML version, if it is capable of reading that, or the text version, if it is not.

MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and is an internet standard for the format of e-mail. Virtually all human written Internet e-mail and a fairly large proportion of automated e-mail is transmitted via SMTP MIME format. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and if nothing else, you’ll learn a few more acronyms if you stick around. Internet e-mail is so closely associated with the SMTP and MIME standards that it is sometimes called SMTP/MIME e-mail.

Folks, while nobody can really agree on numbers and stats, we all agree on this: HTML Email Doesn’t Work Properly for Millions of Recipients.

HTML email breaks in a wide variety of email inboxes. This isn’t due to your creative abilities or lack of HTML knowledge – it’s due to the fact that the email client your recipient views your email in routinely breaks your message.

I feel like this is worth defining, as I know a lot of people get very scared when we talk about clients and servers, but will not admit it. An email client (some “big picture” folks also call it Mail User Agent) is nothing but a computer program that is used to read and send e-mail, such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, etc. A mail server (also called a Mail Transfer Agent or MTA, or a mail exchange server) is a computer program that transfers electronic mail messages from one computer to another. Most of the time, since nobody has time to learn all the acronyms and terminology coined by those “big picture” people, we are used to know a mail server as the entire contraption (wires and all) that runs the program.

Depending on the email system, your HTML images may be blocked so recipients see a blank white box and/or your live hotlinks may not work properly. AOL 9.0, Outlook 2003, and Gmail are most infamous for blocking and/or breaking HTML, “for security reasons”.

Another big offender for not letting HTML through is Mel, the guy that works in the corporate IT department. Many corporations have IT departments who can’t wait for the day when all attachments and all HTML emails are eradicated. That is because in their world, anything that is not pure text is spam, virii, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, pure evil(ware) that makes mailboxes grow and users growl. As a consequence, most of those cubicle inhabitants – the end users – who have to sign a hundred page policy before they start getting busy on those corporate e-memos, are unable to view and/or send HTML messages, whether the feature is turned off at a server level, or on their computers.

Everything else aside, there is no bigger offender here on Earth than Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes is notorious for its refusal to handle Multi-Part MIME the same way the rest of the civilized world does.

For your amusement, here is a definition of Lotus Notes that was created by one of those “big picture” executives: “Lotus Notes is a commercial workflow and groupware software package that also provides application developers an environment for quickly creating cross- platform client/server applications”. Still with me? Don’t be scared. For the purposes of this article, Lotus Notes is an email client. Ok?

If you work for a company that uses Lotus Notes as the email system, don’t even think about sending newsletters other than in text form from it. Besides the fact that as a general rule, I always recommend to marketers the use of a professional permission based email marketing service, in the Lotus Notes case you just have to.

If you communicate to the B2B market, particularly large professional services firms, large lawfirms, many Global 2000 companies, HTML email compatibility will be a thorn in your side, as a lot of these companies use Lotus Notes.

The issues include:

– Older versions of Lotus Notes (under R5) convert HTML emails to a Lotus Notes Rich Text format. Lotus Notes versions under R5 also do not recognize Multi-Part MIME messages (HTML and text combined in a single email).

– Some companies may be deploying later versions of the Lotus Notes client, i.e., R6, but using an older version of Lotus Notes/Domino server such as 4.6. In this example, the recipient’s email client would also render an HTML message incorrectly.

So for a recipient to view a properly rendered HTML email, a company must use both the Lotus Notes client and server of R5 and above.

Here are some quick tips you can take if you have a significant Lotus Notes subscriber base:

1. Include a link at the top of HTML emails named “View Web Version” or something similar. The link sends recipients to a web hosted HTML version of the email (either on the email technology provider’s server or the sender’s server).

2. Also include an “Update Preferences” link and provide a web site update form that then enables recipients to choose to receive Text rather than HTML.

3. Create complete Text versions for those who prefer not to receive HTML or cannot view HTML.

4. On opt-in forms, include an option to receive a Text version and potentially list tips (i.e., “If you are using Lotus Notes versions below R5, select Text”).

In conclusion, I will say it again: Folks, don’t try this at home. Instead, always outsource email marketing to one of the many professional services. Advantages are: No blacklists and established relations with the major ISPs, ensuring maximum deliverability (plus, you don’t want to be called a spammer and banned from everywhere). They also make it easy to create, send, and track permission-based email, have advanced reporting, message scheduling, the ability to create unlimited lists, bounce back handling (extremely important), subscription management, newsletter templates and many other major industry-standard features. The service I use for my company can be tried free for 15 days, here:

Advantages Of Interspire Email Marketing Software

Email marketing means sending emails to people for improving your business. Email marketing is considered one of the most effective ways of online marketing. In Email marketing direct mails are sent to clients mail id. These mails will contain information about the company, which is sending these mails. Doing this humanly is difficult and it requires more time. Email marketing softwares are developed for this purpose, it makes Email marketing simple. Interspire Email marketer is one such soft ware used for email marketing. In Interspire Email marketer we can create, send, track and profit from email marketing. It also includes a feature called Auto responder, which is automatically, responds to the client. Let us now take a look of some of the features of Interspire Email marketing software, which makes it one of the best Email marketing software in the market.

Automatic follow up
With the help of the new feature called auto responders automatic follow up of our companies prospectus is done. We dont have to sit in front of computer all the time; the software will serve as an assistant who will be ready to work 24*7.

Optimize your Email click by using Split testing
First, send a few different sample of your mail to some contacts and then the software will find the best one and will be sending to the others automatically. This process will guarantee that the best composed mails will reach the customers inbox and increases the probability that he pays fair attention to the mail.

Automating the list management
List is automatically managed by using triggers. Inactive leads are removed and a follow up mail is send when one link is clicked.

Advanced smart bounce processing
Interspire Email marketing Software ensures that all mails in the list are delivered. Invalid email id s are removed and keeps the mailing list neat by smart bouncing rules .these smart bouncing rules ensure that our server is not blacklisted by the repeated bouncing mails.

Solicit and track with feedback and surveys
This is a new facility included in the newest version of the Interspire Email marketer which enables the user to create customized surveys and feedback forms. We can link these quickly to our mailing list in no time.

Lead monitoring
By using Interspire Email marketer we can track the complete activity of a lead. It records whenever a lead opens your email, clicks it or performs any activity

There are a lot more feature such as Interspire Email marketer is completely browser based and contains dozens of build in templates. Automatic event logging, Google calendar integration , Google statistics integration are some of the other features makes Interspire Email marketer favorite in the cyber world.

Email Marketing – What Is It and Does It Work

Email marketing is a process of sending email messages to a specific or targeted group of consumers. These messages are designed to improve customer relationship and to increase business profits. Learning about it can help you harness its advantages.

In the simplest terms, email marketing is marketing strategy involving the use of email messages. It is easier than cold-calling and direct marketing, and it also allows you to target specific groups of consumers. Email marketing is an inexpensive way of ensuring that you are communicating with your client and keeping them interested and updated with your products. The benefits of email marketing make it a powerful tool for business owners.

Your strategy should depend on the outcome you want to achieve, and you can use email marketing in a lot of ways. It can be used to send promotional emails for the purposes of acquiring new customers or for enticing existing ones to purchase your products once more. You can also send email messages that are designed to improve your company’s relationship with its customers and to increase customer loyalty. Another strategy would be placing advertisements and marketing content in various emails sent by people.

Email marketing has been proven to be very successful, especially if you do it right. There are three types of marketing and learning about them will prove to be a great advantage. The first type is direct email. It involves sending promotional email messages such as the announcement of special offers, discounts and events. Having a list of your customer’s email addresses will help you. You can also rent email address lists from service companies. Service companies will not just let you send email messages to their lists, but they will also let you target your recipients according to their location and interests. You can use your website to gather email addresses of your potential customers by encouraging them to sign up for newsletters.

The next type of email marketing is retention email. While direct or promotional email messages are designed to only encourage people to take action such as buying or signing-up for something, retention emails are designed to develop long-term relationships with customers. Retention emails are like newsletters and should provide information and value. It should also keep them entertained and interested. They can also contain promotional content and advertisements, but they should primarily benefit their readers.

Advertising through the email messages of other people is the last type of email marketing. Instead of creating your own newsletters, you can also opt to look for newsletters sent by others. Some will let you place your advertisements on their newsletters, provided that you pay them. Your advertisements will then be able to reach their subscribers. There are a lot of email newsletters that are specifically designed to sell advertising space to anyone interested.

Email marketing is extremely promising; however, you should be careful that the email you send will not be treated as spam or as unsolicited commercial email messages. Your email account or even your website can be shut down if you are accused of sending people spam messages. To prevent this, you should elicit permission from your recipients. One way of doing this is to place a tick box that indicates that they allow you to send them product updates through email. You can also provide an option for signing up for newsletters on your website.

Email marketing is an effective and inexpensive way of building better customer relationships and increasing your profits. There are many ways to do it, and if you do it the right way, you will be able make use of the advantages it brings.

Business Administration – Marketing At Centennial College Includes Courses That Are Vital To Career

At Centennial College, students can complete business marketing training that gives them an opportunity to learn theory and also to apply that theory in a number of ways. This is beneficial as today’s employers hire employees who are as comfortable with marketing concepts such as analyzing consumer needs and developing products and services to meet those needs; anticipating competitors’ actions and reacting swiftly to shifts in the environment; developing pricing and communications strategies; as well as interacting with suppliers, customers and the public; as they are with applying them to real world situations. Positions for those who have completed the Business Administration – Marketing program include: sales representatives, direct marketing coordinators, sales and promotion coordinators, assistant product managers, marketing research analysts and customer relationship managers.

Three years in length, the program’s application process requires students to have completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or have mature student status (19 years or older); English Grade 12 C or U or equivalent, or skills assessment and Math Grade 11 C, M or U, or Grade 12 C or U or equivalent or skills assessment.

The offering first allows students to obtain a general overview of business and marketing by having them attend courses that are common among most Centennial Business programs. They then advance to Business Marketing-specific topics. Regardless of the topic, students benefit from the expertise of experienced faculty members in an interactive environment that sees them grasp concepts through case studies, guest lectures, presentations, projects, and computer simulations and technologies.

These are some of this program’s most beneficial courses:

Marketing Communications: This course differentiates between the agency and client sides of advertising. Students focus on the application of media reports and marketing research information to the development of objectives and strategies for marketing management, advertising, sales promotions, publicity, media and creative execution.

Marketing Research: Examined in this course is the criteria used in the decision to conduct marketing research and in the choice of marketing research options. The offering also looks at the relationship between marketing and marketing strategy.

Strategic Marketing Planning: Students of this course learn to assess customer value and loyalty, marketing performance and how the different marketing strategies contribute to the profitability and growth of organizations. In addition to blending theoretical and practical applications, students are also taught modern marketing and analytical models.

Ruinun Selling: To get students to develop successful sales presentation skills, emphasis in this course is on pre-selling activities, techniques and procedures to use during the sales interaction and post sales activity. Training in Ruinun Selling includes role-playing sales situations, readings and groups discussions.

Interactive Marketing: There are a few aspects to this course. Firstly, students learn the importance of creating a customer-centric approach to the marketplace, along with specific strategies for building long-term customer relationships. They then learn about direct marketing, which focuses on campaign management strategies especially the effective use of databases to find customers and directly market to them. Finally, in learning opportunities for digital marketing, students develop skills in the selection and implementation of strategies that exploit the potential of websites and mobile devices for engaging today’s consumers.

To graduate from Centennial College’s Business Marketing program, students must maintain a C grade average and an overall GPA of 2.0.

The Advantages Of Internet Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

To grow globally is the dream of every businessman. A person who starts business on his own effort should need strong determination and positive efforts to make his business successful. Even a well established business needs right efforts to make his business /product/ services successful.

For success of any business marketing policy plays an important role. To increase your business growth, you need strong marketing team with knowledge of thorough marketing strategy.

The marketing department of any company can choose type of marketing depends on the business / service type, objectives, target market, capability, efficiency and budget. Selecting Traditional Marketing or Online Marketing very much depends on all above factors.

With change in time, marketing also affected positively with advance technology. Internet Marketing or Online Marketing or E-marketing have added thrill in marketing professionals. The popularity of Internet Marketing is emergent very rapidly in all type of business. But before start adopting traditional marketing or online marketing one should fully aware of its marketing strategy and its outcomes.

What is Traditional Marketing?
Generally the basic of any marketing is creating new customers and sustain existing customer. It is a task to create awareness of consumers in product / company / services by making their brand popular using various marketing techniques. For successful marketing, quality product and customer services are very important. The other important factors are demography, market needs, target market and many more factors require for complete market research to build successful marketing strategy.

Marketing is an intelligent and creative technique that includes advertising, distribution and selling. Understanding customers requirement and fulfill their needs is the base of success for any marketers. The marketing mix comprises of Product, Price, Promotion and Placement.

Traditional marketing is very costly. It needs long time and budget to get success. Till the date it is consider as proven marketing technique for promoting product or company. In traditional marketing the various media are used for marketing products such as Television, Radio, Print [newspaper, magazines etc.], Outdoor and many other media. Traditional Marketing is very effective, time-tested and proven way to make business or product popular.

The disadvantage of traditional marketing is it is very costly and need more time for to get success. In case of local marketing, traditional marketing is an ideal for product promotion but on international level it is consider as most expensive medium.

You can also use partly or complete Internet Marketing Services while using traditional marketing. Internet Marketing helps to boost your marketing campaign.

What is Internet Marketing?
Internet Marketing or Online Marketing is the medium to promote product or service through internet. The marketing strategy for any business becomes same for traditional marketing or online marketing such as all factors of market research. Today, Internet Marketing is considered as very faster and economical medium for promoting product and business growth.

Internet Marketing strategies covers a various services like search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, SEO copy writing, web development, pay per click (PPC) advertising, banner advertising, directory submission, blog writing and many more.

Read more on Internet Marketing

Importance of Internet Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing
Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing is very economical and fast way to promote product.
Traditional Marketing is very expensive and takes more time to promote product.

Internet Marketing is very useful for promoting product globally [without any additional cost].
It is very expensive and time consuming process for traditional marketing.

In Internet Marketing, you can also work with less employs [you can take more work with less manpower].
In Traditional Marketing, you need more employment with more man power which in terms requires spending more money.

In online business you can sell or buy product 24 X 7, round the year without employing any person.
That is not possible in traditional marketing.

Paying Ruinun and Experienced Internet Marketing Company is very economical.
Paying renowned Advertising and Marketing Company is very costly.

While comparing both marketing, the outcomes shows that in todays fast growing world, for fast business growth in most economical way, Internet Marketing or Web Marketing is an ideal way to make successful business locally as well as internationally.

If you want to expand your business and increase your profit and if you have low marketing budget than Internet marketing is the best way to accomplish all your marketing objectives.

Before selecting either traditional marketing or internet marketing, through market research is very important for successful marketing campaign.

Internet Marketing Company can offer best and effective marketing strategies as per your business needs. They can help in promoting and increase your business very efficiently within your budget. You can definitely get return of your marketing investment in very short period.

Take advantage of your business using Online Marketing / Internet Marketing from Experienced and professional Indian Internet Marketing Service Company that can provide and fulfill all your marketing needs to give strength and success to your business. Contact at