Free Social Media Marketing Course and Facebook Marketing Videos

Once a social platform for college students, the 40 million active membership site facebook is the latest buzzword in social media marketing. However, most members are extremely online savvy and they smell blatant advertisements from miles away. It is important to know some basics and gain experiences in utilizing the site and interacting with its members before you start planning your facebook marketing adventure.

1. Create a profile. The first step is to create a profile. Sign up using your real name and upload some pictures. If you do not have an email with a top-level edu domain, by default you join a regional network based on your zip code or international address. Later, you have the option to join your company’s network and change your regional networks. You can change your networks twice in a 60-day period.

Always upload a profile picture. If you don’t upload a picture, facebook places a default question mark icon. It is a good strategy to show your face in facebook. Don’t use group pictures for your profile because others may have difficulty identifying you in the group pictures. Don’t use logos, your cute cat or dogs pictures, or a picture of your expensive car and boat.

You don’t have to fill all the profile information. Fill only the information you are comfortable sharing with others. If you want to find dates using facebook, fill up the relationship status feature of your profile accordingly. Don’t change the status often because others will notice it and doubt your trustworthiness.

2. Make friends. The site can find active facebook friends for you using emails in your address books of a few free web email providers like yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc. Once you get a few friends, new friend requests will pour in from your friends of friends. You can also search for friends and send requests. Work on creating a network of 100 to 200 friends. Don’t make friends with celebrities because in most cases these are fake profiles setup for marketing purposes.

3. Upload pictures and videos. Start uploading some interesting pictures and group them in albums of travel pictures, baby shower photos, bachelor party scenes, etc. Pictures help people connect with your life without meeting you face to face. Always upload a number of related pictures or themes.

Create a random albums and put all your random pictures in the random album. Tag your pictures to identify people on the pictures. When you tag your friends in your pictures, they show up in their wall. You can also share your albums with others outside facebook. You can upload personal videos using your browser or mobile phone and directly record videos to facebook.

4. Use friends’ walls and never post on your own wall. You have a wall in facebook for others to write notes. Don’t write in your own wall. Write in your friends’ walls. Your friends will write notes, share videos or links in your wall. You do the same in your friends’ walls. When a friend posts something on your wall, reply to the post. If you find the posting annoying, politely ask them to back off and clean up your wall.

5. Join a few groups. There are all sorts of organic groups in facebook. These are groups of people with similar interests. Find a few that interest you and join them. You can create your own group but first find out if one exists on the same topic. This is an excellent place to be creative and get support from a bunch of people for your cause.

6. Create events and invite people. If you want to host a party, this is the feature you will use. Create your events and invite others to join. You can make an event public for your friends to see or private for the invitees to browse. Under my event, you can browse your friends’ public events. You will immediately know who are your fake friends because they did not invite you to their gala dinner they are hosting.

7. Send notes and share links. You send notes to your friends. Depending on the topic, you can send a note to a few friends or to all friends in your network. Don’t send chain letter notes because people find these repulsive. Your notes show up in your friends’ news feeds or on their walls. A tagged note shows up on the wall, otherwise, it is found in the homepage news feed. Use share for sharing links, even though you can use this feature for sharing notes. Share that link of a cheap travel-booking site you have found while surfing the net with friends planning their upcoming vacations.

8. Visit your homepage everyday. Besides your profile page in facebook, you also have a homepage. You homepage displays collaborative news feeds of all your friends, event and group invitations, friendship requests, friends’ birthdays, etc. If you want to know what is going on in your facebook friend circle, visit your homepage everyday.

The other features of facebook are poke, marketplace, facebook mobile, and hundreds of applications that enhance the facebook experience. As the facebook awareness grows, online marketers have started pounding the facebook door to gain a foothold. Future articles will discuss different ways to market your products and services to facebook members without insulting their intelligence.

Intro To Marketing Thinking About Target Markets

A target market is the market segment to which a particular product is marketed. Target market is a key concept for your business. The more you know about your target market and how to position your product to sell to that market, the more successful your business will be.

Target Segment Identification

Target segments or markets are often defined by their demographic attributes such as age, gender, geography or income. They are also often grouped by preferences such as trendy, organic, etc. In B2B marketing, target markets are typically defined by industry and business size.

Consumer Markets

Consumer markets can be specific to a part of the globe or can sometimes be global in nature such as Baby Boomers, those people born from about 1946 to about 1959 in World War II affected countries. This huge segment of the population has been defining market trends since their birth and will continue to do so as they age. In most countries, these consumers are generally better educated and more affluent, and are often the consumers of high end merchandise as well as merchandise that creates quality of life.

In western countries, another segment that has recently been gaining notoriety is the ‘tweenies’. These are the aged eight to twelve year olds, no longer children in terms of maturity and taste but not yet teenagers. This sought after group, armed with discretionary income, are the likely segment for those selling electronics and gaming equipment as well as fashion merchandise.

There are also a number of groups that have less household recognition but are very important in the marketplace. One such example is LOHAS. This segment of cosumers who subscribe to Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) is an enormous marketplace ($228.9 billion in the U.S.) for goods and services focused on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living. The consumers attracted to this market have also been collectively referred to as Cultural Creatives. Approximately 30 percent of the adults in the U.S., or 50 million people, are currently considered LOHAS Consumers. The interconnections between global economies, cultures, environments, and political systems play a large role in the holistic worldview of the typical LOHAS Consumer, but equally important are the interconnections of mind, body and spirit within individuals.

Business Markets

Business markets have huge variation based on industry, size, location and governance.

The healthcare industry, for example, has enormous needs for products from basic office supplies to sophisticated electronics, software and equipment, linens, personal consumables and so on. Does the notion of serving the healthcare industry seem too daunting to you as an online reseller? Or, is it too large a segment to be meaningful? Try thinking about smaller segments within this industry such as physicians’ offices who buy not only traditional medical supplies but also office furnishings including artwork, paper goods, promotional items, waiting room reading materials, electronics such as pagers and so on.

Manufacturing industries require every manner of tools, specialised and generic parts, machinery and so on. Again, too daunting? Narrow your segment to auto parts manufacturers; narrow again to auto parts manufacturers with revenues of less than GBP 10,000,000.

Who are your target markets? Sports enthusiasts? Travelers? College students? Families with young children? Identify the markets that you sell your services or products to as specifically as possible. The better you know your market, the better you can plan your marketing campaign.

Characteristics of Target Segments

The value of identifying target segments is that they are groups of people with similar points of view and/or similar needs or purchasing patterns. By understanding those segments, you can position your products in the optimal way.


Once a target segment has been identified and described to the extent possible demographically, it is useful to understand that segment’s needs. Are they looking for value and efficiency? Do they need support because they have too much on their plates? Are they analytic and particular and have the finances to support that approach? Are they empty nesters looking for ways to enjoy their new lives? Are they people with a strong devotion to a holistic and spiritual approach to life and are willing to make life changes to operate that way?


What kind of resources does your target population have? Are they middle income people who want a bargain or want to buy products that look high end but are economically priced? Are they high income people who prefer to surround themselves with one-of-a-kind creations and seek out fine craftsmaship? Are they wholistic folks who prefer to buy natural and organic and will search the Net looking for goods that match their special needs?

Methods of Receiving Information

Where do you find your target segment and how do they receive information? Are they socialising in MySpace or searching eBay for bargains?

Purchasing Behavior

Does your target market purchase frequently? Do they follow sales and buy at a good price or read supporting materials and buy quality? Are they constantly seeking out new sources or do they show purchase loyalty?

The answers to these questions give you the information you need to optimise sales.

Dedicated Email Servers For Aggressive Email Marketing

Email marketing is a need of todays marketing era, and for aggressive email marketing we need dedicated email servers. A dedicated email servers can solve so many technical hurdles. Lets discuss how a dedicated server can be beneficial for email marketing campaigns.

Bulk email marketing has become one of the aggressive email marketing technique now days. One of the reason for such kind of popularity because it saves plenty of money and time from the marketing efforts. With the help of sending email marketing we can send bulk email to a targeted audience in just one click and each mail message does not cost too much for marketers.

Beside not wasting money and time, email marketing provides high ROI and an increment in the number of client visit as well in the acquisition of new customers.
However, we can see that uses of blacklisted mail server have resulted in the failure of many email marketing campaigns. As all we know for the successful email marketing we can select SMTP dedicated email servers has lots of features which can make your email marketing campaign successful.

There are so many enterprises have a large customer base and they need to connect with them on a regular basis. But so many times bulk emails fail to deliver at its destinations. Some of the email will fall into the spam folder and will take longer time to get open. And some of them will not reach to its destination folder. The primary reason behind this bad reputation of your email servers. To get rid from this problem SMTP dedicated email servers are worthy options to select.

Highly configured servers for large and small volume email marketing provide ultimate performance. You can accept delivery, privacy and customization.

We can do following things with dedicated email marketing servers.
1.You can integrate with CRM, back-end applications and databases with ODBC and API.
2.You can synchronize with MSSQL with ODBC as well as other available applications.
3.You can authenticate multiple keys with DKIM generator.
4.You can use enterprise feature and large list of email ids.
5.You will get maintenance which includes around the clock network monitoring, updates and data backup facility.
6.High speed for sending bulk emails, you can accept 500000/hour.

A dedicated email servers will provide you dedicated resources, it means you dont need your resources with anyone. Which ensures high performance of the server. Which will result into successful email marketing campaigns.

Online Marketing vs. Old School Marketing Which Is Better For Your Business

Are you wondering how best to market your business venture? If you’re not sure whether to stick with old school marketing techniques or move into the twenty first century with online marketing strategies, you should know that there are positive attributes to both. Don’t let anyone tell you that the traditional ways of marketing don’t work anymore. Your consideration should be which one works for you and your business. What type of person are you? What are you comfortable with? What style is most effective for you? If you take some time to make this decision, it can make the difference between success and failure.

Old School Marketing – Is It Obsolete?

Since the business of sales requires that you reach out to many people, consider how you can do this best. Do you have an enormous number of family, friends, and business associates? They are a ready-made audience for your sales delivery. Do you like people, being around people and talking with them? You would do well with the old school approach to marketing. Make a list of contacts and start making calls, by phone and in person.

Then, of course, with a little investment, you always have printed ads in newspapers, magazines, fliers, and mailers. These certainly can be effective in the right market, with the right product. But, remember, with so much competition, it is hard to get noticed. Another consideration is to understand that you are limited to the market reading or receiving your ad using these methods. Radio advertising can certainly work too if you have the money and patience to wait it out and build a credible presence there.

Online Marketing – Can It Really Work?

If the idea of making cold calls and persuading others to purchase your product strikes fear in your heart, consider online marketing. You can reach a large number of people quickly and without direct involvement. The internet boasts a healthy 1.7 Billion users worldwide. If you don’t think well “on your feet”, plan out your marketing strategy and use the internet for ultimate exposure.

Online marketing vs. old school marketing has another dimension – the live presentation. The traditional way is to gather a group of people together and stand up in front of them to share your enthusiasm for your product. You can use phone, e-mail and the postal service to invite people to your presentation. You can gauge reaction instantly in this manner. There is less pressure with an online video presentation. It can be made by you or another professional in the company. The important aspect is that it be high quality and get your sales message across effectively.

Either way – online marketing or old school marketing – takes time and effort on your part. To be successful in sales you still need to build your contacts, build credibility, and build a brand. Some self-examination will tell you which method is best for you. Also, having the right education, or marketing specialist with experience can certainly cut the time it takes for you to get some traction, no matter what method you use.


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Managed Search Engine Marketing And Its Advantages

The role of managed search engine marketing is very important for bringing the website to the top pages of search engine results.

Search engines optimization is considered as one of the important marketing methods that can assist you to add value to your site through getting good ranking online. With this you will be able to boost your reputation. Along with that you can make your presence stronger.

If you are planning to carry out this activity you need to have expert knowledge regarding the stages and benefits associated with managed search engine marketing. In case you do not pay attention to these this it is always a good idea for you to ask assistance from professionals. The main purpose behind performing this kind of activity is to improve the online visibility through adding more values to your website.

In managed search engine marketing keyword research is a significant thing. This is something that will lead to success or failure of your online business. Making use of wrong keywords in your webpage can be very destructive. It is for this reason that you need to pay attention on the relevancy and quality of content on the web page. There are numerous keyword analysis tools that can assist you to make the job simple. However it is essential for you to select reputed tool in order to get favorable results.

You need to put in adequate density of keywords in the content and this is another significant thing that needs to be considered. Through making use of most related and useful key phrases in your website you will be able to make your managed search engine marketing activity properly planned and this will help you to bring your site to top of search engine pages.

Social media marketing is one more kind of managed search engine marketing that can help in promoting your website online. There are lots of business owners who will prefer to choose social media sites as this is one of the best platforms to reach out to international audiences.

This is one of the best options for marketing small business through this strategy. One of the very good things about this kind of search engine marketing activity is that you will be able to promote your merchandise to all parts of the world through just sitting at your home.

It is very essential for you to have good traffic to your site. This is because it is only one thing that can help you to get more leads. When you bear all these things in your mind you will be able to achieve business objective.